Linear Relationships

General Resources

Daily Assignments

August 22/23
  • Investigation 1.3 All problems
August 26/27
  • Investigation 2.2 problems A, B and C
  • Page 15 Number 6. Instead of the directions in the problem, follow these directions: Make a table, a graph, describe the pattern and write the equation.
August 28/29
August 30/September 3
September 4/5
  • Forming Linear Equations to Solve Problems Assignment

* Green: Numbers 1-6 and 15      * Blue: Numbers 7-12 and 15

Quiz next class on these topics:

  • Given a linear situation, fill in a table to display the pattern, graph the pattern, describe the pattern in words (“As the….”), and write the equation that models the pattern.
  • Compare and contrast linear and non-linear patterns given in a table, graph or words.
  • Here is a great Quiz 1 Review problem!
September 6/9
September 10/11
September 16/17
September 18,19&20
  • Complete Classifying Solutions to Systems of Equations Activity
September 25/30
  • Graphing Systems Game
  • Flight Path Investigation
  • Extension Activity: No Triangle
October 1/3
  • Practice of Solving Equations involving fractions
  • Substitution Method: The Systems Student book is at the top of the page.
  • Homework: This worksheet
October 4/7
  • Practice of Solving Equations involving the distributive property and fractions.
  • Reflect on Solving Equation quiz: re-do any missed problems.
  • Practice for the next Solving Equations quiz is here. The answers are included.
October 8/9
  • Solving Systems of Equations by the Elimination Method: Part 1
  • Homework: This worksheet
October 10/11
  • Solving systems of Equations by the Elimination Method: Part 2
  • No Homework Weekend: Optional work- This worksheet
October 15/16
  • Practice Solving Systems of Equations: All Methods!
  • Homework:
  • 3-D extension Activity
October 17/18
  • Systems of Equations Assessment


Check Up 1 Reassessment Directions

Here is a worksheet to help reassess Check Up 1 and the IXL file you can use to practice writing linear equations is 8th grade V.4.

Students must practice before reassessment can take place. After the completed practice is shown to Mrs. Hamilton or you have sat with Mrs. Hamilton for extra practice, you can make an appointment to reassess. Practice and Reassessment can not take place on the same day. Mrs. Hamilton is available on Wednesday, September 18 after school for either practice or reassessment. Students may also reassess at Period 9 on Thursday September 19.

Systems of Equations Reassessment Directions

Complete IXL files Y.8 and Y.10 in Eight Grade with a SmartScore of 80 or above to be able to reassess. Once the files are completed, make an appointment with Mrs. Hamilton to reassess. Reassessment can happen after Thursday November 7th.

These are the Eighth Grade IXL files for this unit:



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