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Daily Assignments

Date Lesson Learnzillion/IXL
 Mar 4/5
  • Discussion & Example 1 from the Activity
  • Homework: Define six geometry terms & Exercises 1-6 from the Activity. See the calendar for the six geometry terms to define.
 Mar 6/7
  •  Parallel Lines & Exterior Angles activity
  • Homework: Exercises #1-8 on the last page of the class activity.
 Mar 10/11
  •  Rotations Activity
  • Homework: Type in your PoP Data Analysis Scatter Plot in your Math 8 Google Folder. Print it off and hand it in next class, along with the original written one. You may re-do your summary if you would like.
 Mar 13/14
 Mar 24/25
  •  Translation Activity
  • Homework: The Problem Set on the Translation Activity
 Mar 26/27
  •  Composite of Rigid Motions Activity
  • Homework: The entire Activity must be complete for next class.
 Mar 28/31
  •  Triangle Congruence Theorems Activity
  • Homework: Work on Independent Investigation
April 1/2
April 3/4
  •  Review
  • Study for the assessment
April 5/6
  •  Assessment on Transformations & Triangle Congruence Shortcuts


Re-assessment Direction

  • To reassess complete the IXL files in the Geometry Class K.1 & K.3. Achieve a SmartScore of 80 or above.
  • Create a keynote or explain everything file on the difference between ASA and AAS congruency theorems. Draw two triangles placing marks to show ASA, then draw two different triangles and place marks to show AAS. Discuss the difference either in writing or by talking.
  • In the same keynote or explain everything file, create and name a triangle. perform two transformations on the triangle in your mind and draw the last triangle under the two transformations. these do not have to be exact, they can be sketches. Write the triangle congruency statement that shows the correct correspondence (ie Δ____ = Δ_____).


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