Exponential Rules

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Feb 19/20 IXL/Learnzillion
 Feb 21
  •  Power to a Power  Worksheet
  • Homework: Finish the worksheet from class. Optional Worksheet for a challenge.
 Feb 24/25
  •  Negative Exponents worksheet
  • Type in Box & Whisker Plot analysis and Print.
  • Homework: IXL: 8th Grade F.6 or Algebra V.3 & F.11 (a smartscore of 80 or above)
Feb 26/Mar 3
  •  Review all Exponential Rules
  • Homework: IXL GR 8 F.10 or Algebra V.6
 Mar 4/5  Assessment
 Apr 9/10 Re-assessment can take place April 9 or 10. Complete the practice and schedule a re-assessment time at least 24 hours before.

Re-assessment Worksheet1 andWorksheet2



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